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Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Institute od Power Engineering

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Vitaly M.
July 19, 2012


about the scientific-organizational activity of Vitaly Mikhailovich Postolati, the head of Laboratory of the Institute of Power Engineering of Moldova Academy of Sciences, academician, doctor-habilitate of technical sciences.

Postolati V.M. born in 1937, and , after finishing education at Soroca Agriculture, Mechanization and Electrification college, further completed in 1961 the Faculty of electrification and mechanization of agriculture at the Ukraine Tavria State Agrarian University on specialty "Electrification of agricultural production" with a degree in electrical engineering. After graduating from the Institute Postolati V.M. was directed to work in Moldova, where he continues to work till now in the field of power engineering.In 1961 he began his work as a foreman at the Straseni regional electricity distribution networks.

In the period from 1962 to 1966 he worked at the construction and later on operation of the Moldovan Power Station, acting as Chief of electric laboratory, and then as Chief of the shift at the electrical department. In 1966 he entered the post-graduate study at the Department of Energetical Cybernetics at the Academy of Sciences of Republic of Moldova and was sent in business trip for further study to the Chair of electrical systems of Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

In 1968 he completed the post-graduate study and, in 1969 defended his PhD thesis with the theme "Investigation of the controlled half opened power transmission lines modes." In the same year he was directed to the Department of Energetical Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, where he worked as a Research Assistant (1968-1969), Scientific Secretary (1969-1973), Head of the Laboratory (since 1973) and than Head of the Department of Energetical Cybernetics (1981-1986). After that he became the Director of the Department (1986-1990), and from 1991 – the Director of the Power Engineering Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. In this capacity, he worked during the period lasting till 1994, and then, after interruption, in 2004 was again appointed to this position. He is currently the Head of the Laboratory of controlled power transmission lines .

In 1988 at the Institute of Electrodynamics of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences he defended his post-doctoral degree (habilitated doctor) with the thesis: "Theoretical foundations and principles of creation of self compensated power transmission lines." By the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the USSR Council of Ministers, dated as of 02.12. 1988 V. Postolati was awarded the degree of Doctor-Habilitate of Technical Sciences. By the Decision of the General Assembly of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, dated as of 30.12.1992, Postolati V.M. was elected the corresponding member of Academy of Sciences.

In the 1997, by Moldova Government Decision V. Postolati was appointed as Deputy Director of the Department of Energy and Energy Resources of Moldova Republic and was approved in the title of State Counselor of First Rank. During this period, he was also the representative of Moldova Republic in the Black Sea Regional Energy Center (BSREC).

The directions of scientific researches of Postolati V.M. are related to the solution of problems of Energy Sector, including electricity and thermal energy, electrical systems and power plants, transportation and distribution of electrical energy, economics, environment, energy security, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Based on his studies Postolati V.M. proposed a new type of alternating current transmission lines, known as controlled self compensated high voltage power transmission lines (USVL). In comparison with conventional transmission lines such lines have by 20-40% more capacity, provide improved performance regimes and have a reduced environmental impact, besides, during construction they require a smaller strip of land alienation and lower capital investment per unit of transmitted power.

V.M. Postolati carried out a large range of theoretical and experimental research and development works for USVL at different rated voltage classes - from 10 kV to 1150 kV. Projects, developed by the Moldavian design Institute 'Energoprojekt' with the direct participation of V.M. Postolati were implemented in Moldavian power system, there are in operation over 600 km of this type of lines with the voltage of 10-110 kV, including: single circuit 10 kV overhead lines with the contiguous phases, double circuit lines with the voltages of 35, 110 kV, which have higher carrying capacity and better reliability. Also, with direct participation of V.M. Postolati by the Institutes "Energosetiproject" and its North-Western and Siberian departments, as well as by the Institute "Hydroproject" were made the developments of specific design options of USVL with rated voltages of 220, 500, 1150 kV. It was also demonstrated technical and economic efficiency of their application in power systems. V.M. Postolati and the Laboratory, led by him, elaborated scenarios for the development of united power system of the CIS countries on the basis of USVL of different rated voltage classes.

It was shown, that over 50% of overall planned for the future construction power system transmission lines with the rated voltages of 330-1150 kV, it is advisable to build as a double circuit USVL. The composition of USVL, except high-voltage lines with new design also includes a phase control apparatus. With the participation of V.M. Postolati were proposed new schemes of phase-shifting transformers, as is reflected in the number of received author's certificates and foreign patents. The direction of research and development of phase-shifting transformers becomes independent and provides the elaboration of regimes control means not only for USVL, but also for the electrical networks with complicated contours for regulation of power flows and losses control in power systems.

For the proposed power transmission lines during the period of years 1966-1982 were received 26 inventor's certificates and 21 foreign patents, including in U.S.A, England, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden and Japan. On USVL topics and key technical solutions and developments in various organizations in Moldova, Russia and Belarus were defended 28 PhD's and doctoral habilitate dissertations. For the six PhD dissertations V.M. Postolati was a scientific supervisor and for two doctoral-habilitate dissertations provided scientific advice.

Researches in the field of controlled power transmission lines in recent years were attributed to the direction of a flexible power transmissions, which are promising, especially with the development of integrated power systems. In 1992, with the participation of V.M. Postolati, as a responsible executor it was elaborated the Program of Moldova Republic Energy Sector development till 2010 (the substantiating materials), which was used later in the preparation of a number of policy documents and decisions on energy sector development.

In the years 1995-1998 by V.M. Postolati were carried studies in the field of efficient use in Moldova of modern technologies for combined producing of electric and thermal energy. As a result of these studies were designed the layout scheme and proposals for construction of new power stations (mini - CHP) in Moldova, with modern facilities for combined production of electricity and heat (combined cycle gas turbine power plants -CGT and gas turbine power plants-GT) for the purposes of power and heat supply of cities and towns of the Republic of Moldova.

The scheme envisages construction in 42 localities of Moldova of CHP plants, based on gas turbines-GT and combined GT with the total installed electrical capacity of 1000 MW.

In addition, by utilizing the thermal emissions from the combustion of fuel in gas turbines and CGT it is possible to realize also and heat supply for the consumers of settlements with the total heat capacity of 1100-1300 Gcal / h. It was shown that the use of new technologies of combined production of electricity and heat, compared with their separate production, can increase by 20-25% overall efficiency of natural gas use. This is equivalent to a corresponding reduction in the volume of consumed fuel for the production of electricity and heat in similar quantities.

The results of these studies have been applied for the elaboration of Energy Sector development strategy of Moldova Republic till 2010, the National Gasification Program Republic of Moldova till 2010 (for the selection of parameters of gas networks), the National Program of renovation and decentralization of heat supply systems for the settlements of Moldova Republic, in the Concept of Development and Layout of electric power stations on the territory of Moldova Republic for the period till 2010 and also the Energy Strategy of Moldova Republic till 2020. V.M. Postolati was directly involved in the elaboration of mentioned programs and strategies. He also has taken part in the development of heat supply system of Chisinau municipality.
Under the guidance and with direct participation of V.M. Postolati, in the years of 2004-2006 the researches of heating pipelines networks modes in Chisinau were carried out and the recommendations for improving the performance of their work were formulated.

In the year 2000 under the leadership of V.M. Postolati new direction of research in the field of energy security of Moldova Republic was started. He, with the participation of a number of leading experts, has prepared and presented at the meeting of Supreme Security Council near the President of Moldova Republic the scientific report "Analysis of the energy sector of Moldova Republic and the ways of ensuring energy security" which in the year 2001 was published in a book form with the same title, which was the beginning of preparation and publication of books series on energy security. Currently, five books in this series have been published.

Practical results of these studies were the assessment of energy security of Moldova Republic and the development of recommendations for indicators of energy security improvement, providing the development of generating capacity, intra-and inter-systems high-voltage power interconnections of Moldova with the energy systems of neighboring countries, as well as Moldova's participation in the formation of the united power system East - West and the power system of the Black Sea region. During the period of 2004-2012, V.M. Postolati fulfilled the calculations of normal and emergency modes of the Moldavian power system at different degrees of its integration into the unified grid.

Based on research and studies fulfilled, V.M. Postolati proposed options for the development of intra-and inter-system high-voltage links with the voltages of 110-330 kV, 400 kV, some of which are included in the plans for future development of energy systems of Moldova and neighboring countries -Ukraine and Romania. The results of these studies were reported at the meeting of the Higher Council for Science and New Technologies of Academy of Sciences of Moldova in 2011. A number of studies of Postolati V.M. during this period were devoted to estimation of possibilities and effectiveness of the controlled power transmissions and new means of phase control in the integrated power systems of the CIS countries. Some of the completed works are shared with the research and design organizations in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The results of these studies have shown the significant efficiency of controlled power transmissions with the voltages 110-500 kV, proposed and developed with direct participation of V.M. Postolati for solutions on a new qualitative level of some problems of control and development of electric power systems and their associations.

In 2004-2007 V.M. Postolati has taken part in the works related to the field of renewable energy sources (RES), including in the drafting of the RES Strategy Development in Moldova Republic till 2010 and more distant future, and the Work Program for the use of renewable energy till 2020.

Among the important works of Postolati V.M. we could mention the analysis of the effectiveness of use of energy resources in RM for the period 1990-2011, as well as the recommendations for improving of district heating efficiency.
V.M. Postolati has published 248 scientific papers in the country and abroad, including 7 monographs, he has received more than 25 inventor's certificates and 21 foreign patents. A number of articles have been published in collections of papers and in the form of national and international scientific conferences reports. In the field of controlled power transmissions scientific school was created.

V.M. Postolati participated in more than 50 international and national conferences, where he presented scientific reports, he participated in exhibitions and published several articles in the media press. In 2005 on the initiative and with direct participation of V.M. Postolati The International Scientific Conference "Energy in Moldova -2005” was held ".
The conference was attended by the leaders of the European Energy Charter, as well by the representatives from eight foreign countries. The decisions of the conference and the developed measures were directed to the President of the Moldova Republic, as well as to the ministries and departments of the republic. They formed the basis for planning and implementation of the key areas of energy sector development in Moldova in the future.

For a long time, VM Postolati was the editor of a thematic collection "Controlled Transmission lines" ( 20 collections have been published). Currently, V.M. Postolati is the chief editor of the Journal " Regional Energy Problems", publication of which was organized in 2005 at the Institute of Power Engineering of Moldova Academy of Sciences, and a member of the editorial board of scientific- informational and analytical magazine "The region's economy," published starting from 2004 by the Department of Social Sciences and the Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences.

V.M. Postolati was the Chairman of the Specialized Council for the defending of dissertations, the member of the expert committee and the Bureau of Supreme Attestation Commission of Moldova (1998-2004), he was mentioned in the Golden Book of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, was awarded two diplomas of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Moldova Republic and the Medal for Distinguished Service.

In 2007 he was elected as the Academician of the ASM. He was awarded a number of medals at the exhibitions "Moldexpo", "Romexpo" and others. Twice he was awarded the Prize of the Academies of Sciences of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova for outstanding research in the field of energy. (1999.2012).

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