Institute of Power engineeringy announces a competition for vacancies

During the Science Day celebration in Moldova, on November 9, the Energy Institute will organize a roundtable called "The Impact of Individual Natural Gas Boards on Public Health and the Environment". The event is dedicated to the further development of the platform for discussion of the negative phenomena for public health and the environment in Chisinau, resulting from a considerable share of the use of individual thermal power plants in residential areas with a dense population. Representatives of all relevant institutions, including civil society, are invited to the meeting. Registration deadline for participants is November 5th. Agenda is attached. Tel: 022727040

On September 7, 2018 at 2 pm, in the meeting of the Specialized Scientific Council ad-hoc D 03.221.01-03 of the Institute of Energy, at the address: str. 5 Academiei str., hall 434, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2028, will be held the public support of the Doctor's Thesis in Technical LEU Vasile "Separation of technical and vegetable oils from mechanical impurities in the electric field" at Specialty 221.01 - Energy Systems and Technologies. Scientific Coordinator - Mr. Mircea BOLOGA, professor, dr. Hab. in technique, academician.

Session of the Specialized Scientific Council D03.221.01-03, authorized by ANACEC with the right to organize the support of the thesis of Doctor of Technical Sciences of Mr. Vasile LEU on "Separation of technical and vegetable oils from mechanical impurities in electric field", specialty 221.01 Systems and energy

Defense of the thesis on the topic "Optimization of the design and modes of operation of burners of installations for the production of thermal energy"

Scientific Seminar will be held the meeting of the specialty 221.01 Profile "energy systems and technologies", which will be examined in the PhD thesis of Mr Vasile engineer Daud

Institute of Power Engineering Energy announces contest for vacancies

Institute of Power Engineering of the ASM announces a meeting of Scientific Seminar for listening of the thesis of PhD in technical sciences on the theme "Electric circuits with varying loads and nonlinearities. Projective geometry method ". Rapporteur Dr. Alexander Penin, senior researcher

The scientific report to support PhD thesis in the art. The theme of the report "Analysis of the composition of micro power supply systems". Rapporteur PhD Alexander Penin

Declaration of financial management and control in IE ASM

Institute of Power Engineering announces an entry for vacancies

Happy Anniversary Ms Maria Chinik!


Program of the Round Table March 2014

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