Clean Technology Innovation Programme for SMEs and Start-ups in the Republic of Moldova

On June 17, 2019, the Energy Efficiency Agency, in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial
Development Organization, launched the “Clean Technologies Innovation Program for SMEs and
Startups in the Republic of Moldova. The project’s goal is to “ Promote and support renewable energy
technologies in the Republic of Moldova through the pilot implementation of Accelerator, which will
lead to the development of entrepreneurship, the creation of jobs and a positive impact on the
environment. "
Sun young SUH, an expert on the Cleantech innovation program, presented the basic concept of the
program, how many countries are currently being implemented, what the impact and results are in
these countries.
The project promotes an intersystem approach that supports clean technology innovations in existing
SMEs and Startups by providing tools and methodologies that can increase the productivity and
competitiveness of local businesses.
Project Components:
1. Launched the National Cleantech Moldova platform to support and promote new technologies in
renewable energy projects;
2. Development of national capacity to support and promote innovation in the field of renewable
energy sources;
3. Adaptation of the National Structure for the implementation of renewable energy projects;
For the implementation of the project components, and especially for the development of the National
Platform Cleantech Moldova, a special budget is created for the awarding component.
More information available on the link: .
The moderator of the event was the director of the Institute of Power Engineering Mr. Mihai Tirsu,