«Alternative gaseous fuel»

Ministry of Economics RM had held the Round Table on a theme «Alternative gaseous fuel - the decision of problems of ecology and increase of Power Security of Republic Moldova».

The head: the deputy minister of economy mr. Illarion Popa.

The director of company S.C. ALBANA S.R.L. Mister Bratutsel Alexander has stated in the his report his vision of the solution of a problem use compressed and liquefied natural gas in various branches of economy. During discussion and an exchange of opinions the urgency of this question for Republic Moldova is confirmed. Technical, economic problems, and also problems of legislative character are considered.

Participants of discussion have confirmed an urgency of a problem and the offer on creation of working group of representatives of the Ministry of Economics, other Ministries and State departments, including from representatives of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Technical University Moldova, real sector of economy for studying of a problem and recommendation of the use of natural gas in Republic Moldova. Representatives of Institute of Power Engineering of the ASM, deputy director dr.hab. V.Berzan and the scientific secretary doctor I. Timofte, took part in work of the Round table